At the core of BlitzBet is a philosophy of taking everything to the max. Not settling for good enough. Dan lives life seeking out 12s in a sea of 6s.

Our platform is built around this new type of entrepreneur - the kind that can only be born from emerging markets, but transcends all cultures around the world. To be the man, you have to beat THE man. In a world where everyone is forced to do what “the man” says, it’s time to take life into your own hands and make it on your own rules.

The risks are high but the rewards are unlimited. This is our manifesto for being the renegade and a platform where Dan can be the real inspiration, advisor, and straight talker on how to live the BlitzBet Lifestyle. Like Dan says, “I only watch sports if I’m betting on the game.” That call to arms is true for everything in life.

All those hard-fought victories and well-earned life lessons aren’t worth a thing unless you put them to work, right now in every aspect of your life. The last thing you want to do is have any regrets in life. And this platform is a not-so subtle reminder that every day is an opportunity to put your foot on the gas pedal and ensure that every at bat is to squeeze every last drop of life out of it. No excuses.

A personality-driven website focusing on key individuals brought on board to place entertainment and information at the forefront of all arms of media, be it video, audio, written, and social. will serve as a hub where people are keen to interact, and have concrete opinions on said personalities and products.

We leverage strategic brand development and acquisitions to provide cross-platform content for every level of sports fan, at elite-level production quality.