i3 Interactive and the Incredible Dan Bilzerian Effect


Toronto, ON – August 5, 2020 – i3 Interactive Inc. (“i3 Interactive” or the “Company”) (CSE: BETS)(FRA: F0O3) is pleased to report that Dan Bilzerian’s (“Dan” or “Mr. Bilzerian”) first marketing initiative this past Friday, July 31st, 2020, attracted over 100,000 customers in a blackjack tournament offering $40,000 in prizes.   Chris Neville (“Mr. Neville”), the Company’s CEO, commented on this achievement: 

“I’ve been in the online gambling sector for close to 20 years and in my time, I have never seen a marketing initiative achieve such an immediate impact. We expect it will drive a large revenue stream to the Company over the long-term. Some of the largest brands in North America have databases with only 1 million active registrations and currently have multibillion-dollar market caps.   These results, achieved from one Instagram marketing activation, were a surprise to our very seasoned management team and prove we have the ability to acquire customers at a rate our competition will struggle to compete with long term.”  

At this time, the Company has plans to harness Mr. Bilzerian’s popularity to enter into many markets internationally over the coming year with their casino product and sportsbook product. Mr. Neville commented:

 “Mr. Bilzerian has an attractive global following of more than 50 million followers with the perfect demographic of online gambling customers and we have the ability to gain customers with such a low cost of acquisition that we will have a much higher return on our marketing investment than our competition.   We have a built-in database through Dan of 50 million people and it’s growing at incredible rates year over year and we are poised to work diligently to monetize this large following for years to come.”

Mr. Neville confirmed the Company’s international expansion will occur with the sportsbook and casino product designed by Amelco UK limited (“Amelco”).  Amelco is the supplier of choice for a number of the industry’s multi-territory tier-one operators, including Flutter, GVC and Stars Group.  The Company’s gaming platform, Blitzbet, has access to over 1,000 games from leading games providers including Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino. 

The Company also has plans to offer more contests that will allow their customers to win exclusive experiences with Mr. Bilzerian and build their already growing customer base. Mr. Neville also said “Dan has a top brand world-wide and a loyal following so when people have the chance to win trips to meet Dan, attend sporting events with him, or spend a day in the life of Mr. Bilzerian to see how he lives, customers will feel an engagement to our brand that they do not get anywhere else.”


The Company is in the business of developing an online and mobile gaming platform in order to provide sports fans worldwide with a unique and highly-engaging social gaming product, and sports betting and casino product offering. In an effort to break into the various emerging global markets, the Company has secured partnerships with key industry contacts, including Dan Bilzerian, an internationally renowned and widely respected social media celebrity with over 50 million social media followers.  

For additional information on the Company:

Chris Neville

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: (902) 240-4221

Email: Chris@i3company.com

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