i3 Interactive Launches Innovative Sports Content Platform & Media Company


Toronto, ON – July 9, 2020 – i3 Interactive Inc.(“i3 Interactive” or (the “Company”) (CSE: BETS), is pleased to announce the launch of LineMovement.com (“LineMovement”), a new sports content platform, focused on solidifying the Company’s position within the greater online gaming marketplace and leveraging the Company’s social media presence to drive massive traffic to the Company’s affiliates and partners.

Co-founder of LineMovement, Joe Holka, will serve as LineMovement’s Chief Content Officer. Mr. Holka was appointed to place conversion and entertainment at the forefront of all sectors of media, including video, audio, written, and social. Mr. Holka was a former Division I hockey player and previous full-time employee at FantasyLabs Inc. — a company in which Mark Cuban was an investor and strategic partner — before it was acquired by The Chernin Group in 2017, forming The Action Network.

Mr. Holka has established a personal brand throughout the daily fantasy sports and betting industry for data-driven analysis and cross-platform content at elite-level production quality. Mr. Holka has extensive experience in the gambling space, and in building a business revolving around sports content and one-on-one consulting services for high-stakes players.

Chris Neville, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company commented on the launch of LineMovement and Mr. Holka’s involvement: “Creating and sharing unique content across a multitude of social media platforms to drive massive traffic to our affiliates and partners is an integral part of our low-cost acquisition strategy. Joe is the perfect person to help us create a first-class content experience for our customers and he’s not afraid to challenge the social norms of our industry.”

The strategic brand development of the key talent already in place will expedite the Company’s credibility in the gambling content niche, quickly establishing it as a safe and reliable information source for all levels of sports fans.

LineMovement will serve as a sports media destination where people will be keen to interact with various personalities of the Company, quickly developing significant brand loyalty, through authentic interactions that only the Company can provide. The founders of the Company see LineMovement at the forefront of the inevitable shift away from subscription-based content sites and towards better ways of monetizing online gambling customers.

Mr. Holka commented, “Our primary goal is to build a forward-looking media company, focusing on where content is headed, without surrendering to outdated conversion strategies and obsolete best practices that many of our competitors treat as gospel.”


The Company is in the business of providing customers with an online and mobile gaming platform which will provide sports fans worldwide with a unique and highly-engaging social gaming product, and sports betting and casino product offering. In an effort to break into the various emerging global markets, i3 has secured partnerships with key industry contacts, including Dan Bilzerian, an internationally renowned and widely respected social media celebrity with over 50 million social media followers. 

For additional information on the Company:

Chris Neville
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (902) 240-4221
Email: Chris@i3company.com

Forward-Looking Statements

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