About i3 Interactive

Learn more about the history of i3 Interactive, our keys to success, and why we've chosen our target markets of North America and India.

A Brief History of i3 Interactive

I3 was conceptualized in 2018 by a group of gaming executives who recognized the opportunity to launch a gaming company with a complete ecosystem in key emerging markets where regulation and market opportunity converged. Off the back of individual success, the executive team initially set out to capitalize on the lucrative online gaming markets in the USA, Canada, and India. The concept, which has proven a success, was to combine engaging products, seasoned management, and authentic influencers to drive traffic to i3 properties. 

i3 successfully listed on the CSE in June of 2020 and raised funds to execute its plans. I3 entered the Indian market, one of the fastest growing online gaming markets in the world, by way of an acquisition of a poker company on one of the largest networks in India leveraging an award winning poker product and unique marketing offering for its customers. Following this, i3 invested in a fantasy gaming business, similar to DraftKings and Fanduel in the US. Additionally, i3 invested in one of the largest online gaming companies in India, Baazi Games, to further bolster its position in market and strengthen its ecosystem and value add to gamers. Most recently in India i3 has entered into a binding LOI with a Tier-1 gaming operator for 100% acquisition.

Company Snapshot

Team with over 100 years of gaming experience

Existing and growing revenue tracking to forecast

Proven execution on strategy of celebrity influencer led acquisition

In market via existing acquisition
(not a start up)

Strong local partners in key geographical areas

Proven marketing expertise and strong deal flow

Local Indian corporate infrastructure

Over 10 years of India specific market experience

i3 and the Indian Market

Why India?
i3 Interactive has selected India as one of its target markets due to favourable market conditions, accelerated adoption timelines, and high growth potential.
Top 3 Global Market
India one of the top 3 online gaming markets due to its large population, strong gambling culture, and growing economy.
Low Data Costs
Highest global data usage & one of the lowest cost data plans has lead to exploding mobile usage.

Of the new generation of mobile users in India, it's estimated that there are upwards of 650M mobile phone users & over 350M regular gamers. The country is adding as much as 25 million new smartphone users every quarter making it a flourishing ground to launch digital initiatives.

India is expected to have over 1 billion mobile phone users by 2025.

Statista - Mobile internet users in India 2010-2040

Disposable Income
Digital spending reached over $100B in 2020 and is trending towards an equivalent spend per capita as in USA.
Strong Demographics
India has 2.7x the total US population of citizens below the age of 35 with a median age of 27 for their entire population.
Maturing Online Payments
Along with the massive adoption of mobile and internet usage, it's no surprise that India's adoption of online payment systems is occurring rapidly.

Digital payments hit a total of $300B in 2021 and are expected to triple to hit over $1 trillion by 2025.

The Internet Revolution
The total number of internet users in India is 749M in 2021 and expected to continue to rise to a total of 1.5B users by 2040.

i3 in North America

Why North America?
i3 Interactive has selected Canada and the United States as its other main target markets due to progressive regulation changes, mature economies, and mass internet adoption.
Regulation On-ramp
32 US States were offering mobile gambling by the end of 2021 and 40 US States expected to be live by the end of 2022.

With 39% of Canada's total population, Ontario's launch in Dec 2021 made the province one of the top 5 largest gaming markets in North America.
Market Opportunity
The United States total addressable market for online gaming is estimated at $40B at maturity, with Canada's estimated at an additional $5B annually.
Prime Partner Opportunities
Tier 2 operators are established, regulated, and represent an expected $10B gross gaming revenue by 2025.

Tier 2 operators include commercial casinos, tribal casinos, media rights owners, digital media / broadcasters, and racetrack owners.

Sportradar Joint Venture
i3 has an 8-year joint venture agreement with Sportradar, a global leader in sports data.

This partnership provides i3 with access to considerable online gambling expertise and a network of established relationships with sports, media and betting industries.

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