Global online poker platform, BLITZPOKER, gains immediate traction

August 20, 2020

Toronto, ON - August 20th, 2020 - i3 Interactive Inc.("i3 nteractive" or the "Company") (CSE: BETS) (FRA: F0O3), is pleased to announce that the Indian poker brand, FTR Poker, which the Company is in the midst of acquiring interests in pursuant to the terms of the definitive agreement ("Definitive Agreement") outlined in the previously announced press release on August 10, 2020, is gaining traction in India (the "Proposed Acquisition"). Upon completion of the Proposed Acquisition, the Company intends to operate under a new identity, BLITZPOKER.

Following the Proposed Acquisition, BLITZPOKER will run on one of the largest networks in India, a network with over a million registrations and over 75,000 active users. The imminent acquisition of this well-known brand, which has been in the market for close to 5 years, generates excitement for Company as this asset offers great potential for exponential growth.

BLITZPOKER has grown over 5 times in net profit within the last 12 months and with the popularly known ‘King of Instagram' Dan Bilzerian's ("Mr. Bilzerian") involvement, the Company anticipates further growth. CEO Chris Neville said "In India, Dan Bilzerian has over 7 million social media followers and over the weekend we launched his first marketing initiative where plans to host the largest free to enter poker tournament with the largest prize pool ever to be offered in India. BLITZPOKER has been growing at 30-40% per month in the last quarter and has added 40,000 new customers. This type of growth is unheard of without 7-8 figure marketing spends" said Neville. The CEO also said "We are hopeful that Dan's influence and brand will allow the company to grow into one of the biggest international gambling companies before 2021-2022."

Mr. Bilzerian, said, "On my last visit to India I saw a lot of potentials for poker to grow in India as a game. The entrance of BLITZPOKER in the country is a sign of confidence in that belief. I'm looking forward to the response of the Indian poker player community in India."

In addition to Mr. Bilzerian, top celebrities including Disha Patni, Malaika Arora, Neha Sharma, and Mouni Roy, who have impressive Instagram followings of 38.1 million, 11.2 million, 10.8 million, and 13.6 million, respectively, have all recently posted promotional posts for BLITZPOKER. The Company has engaged over 50 celebrity and influencer personalities, bringing BLITZPOKER to the attention of approximately 110 million Instagram followers. With the addition of Mr. Bilzerian's notable audience, the Company is able to bring its reach to over 142 million on the Instagram platform alone.

BLITZPOKER will provide a variety of games for both professional and recreational players is offered with the brand featuring several zero buy-in tournaments and special bonuses and weekly giveaways for first-time players.


The Company is in the business of providing customers with an online and mobile gaming platform which will provide sports fans worldwide with a unique and highly-engaging social gaming product, and sports betting and casino product offering. In an effort to break into the various emerging global markets, i3 has secured partnerships with key industry contacts, including Dan Bilzerian, an internationally renowned and widely respected social media celebrity with over 50 million social media followers.

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